Welcome to Ramblings of a Mad Poet

February 04, 2007 at 2:19 AM

I’ve been thinking on and off over the last few… years, really… of starting up a blog. It’s a great way to keep in touch with my users, and gives me a voice in the developer world — something I have been wanting to do. So why has it taken me so long?

Well, the short and long of it is is that I’m a quiet person. I’m not much given to talking or writing something without it being a reply to someone else talking or writing to me. I enjoy reading blogs, but the thought of writing my own just rubbed me the wrong way. It’s somewhat contrary to my nature. There’s also the issue where I really don’t do a lot of exciting things, and I’ve often thought that any blog that I wrote would be a great way for an insomniac to have a way to go to sleep. :smiley2_tb:

So what changed my mind?

Y’all did. You, my users. Not from anyone emailing me to say “You should have a blog” or “Why don’t you write about things?” but from emails asking about if I’m still working on such and such an app, or when might I have an update out, or even emails just saying “Thanks for this great app.” I tend to go anywhere from 6 to 8 months between releases on Pref Setter, and longer with some of my other software. I don’t really put up anything about my development cycle while I’m at it. Mainly because I haven’t had a place to do so. Also, as I stated above, I’d like to have a voice out there with the other developers. Not because I want to be known or any such thing; I’d just like to contribute. Every voice added makes the choir sound that much sweeter.

And so here I am, starting out my very own blog. I hope y’all will stick around for it — it may be a bit of a bumpy start while I get used to writing and finding my style. I’m not promising to have something posted every day, or even every week, but I’ll do my best to get over my quiet nature and post something at least somewhat often. My plans are to mostly post about things that come up while I’m coding this or that, but I may occasionally post something off that topic. I’m not really planning on doing that often — this is tied to my software site, after all.

So, I thought I’d speak a bit about the blog itself, this being my first post and all. Why’d I name it Ramblings of a Mad Poet? Truth to tell, I tend to to ramble a bit when I write. Most likely because I don’t do a whole lot of it, and also because I’m breaking through my quiet nature and that sort of unblocks a torrent of words. So what’s with the ‘Mad Poet’ part? Honestly, I’ve always just liked that phrase. A mad poet. It evokes a picture of some guy hunched over a table full of paper scraps, writing feverishly and unable to stop. Something like I do when I actually sit down to write. But, also, I actually am a poet. There’s an old (now defunct, hasn’t-been-updated-since-October-2000) site where I used to put up some of my poetry. If you do a search for “Darkshadow,” you’ll turn it up if you’re really that interested. I stopped posting there after Yahoo took over Geocities. Things changed, and also I was flagging a bit on the enthusiasm side on posting my poetry. I still write some here and there, but I don’t post it anymore. And, I actually do consider code as a sort of poetry. That’s nothing new there — lots of developers have stated that. But hey, real poet here, and I concur. Code is poetry. :happy_tb:

I hope y’all enjoy the design of my blog. I know it jars somewhat with my main site design, but I wanted something a bit more personable for my blog. The main design didn’t really lend itself to that, so I decided on this design. Interestingly enough, I actually originally came up with this design two years ago. I had a (brief) interest in starting back up my poetry site. This isn’t exactly the same design, but it’s very close to what I did for that. The design really fit perfectly into what I wanted for my blog. So a loss for the poetry site (if I ever decide to bring it back), but a win for the blog.

A final question for y’all reading this — what sort of things would you like to see me post? This early in things, I’m wide open to suggestions.

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