One Week In

October 01, 2007 at 8:47 PM

So, I’m one week into my release of Picture Switcher, and things are going great. Even with the somewhat rocky start, with Picture Switcher crashing for some people, things are going good. I, of course, wish that hadn’t happened for anyone, but even with all the testing in the world you can’t always catch everything.

In case anyone missed it, I released an update over the weekend to fix another potential crash while Picture Switcher is resolving alias files, and a fix for the”Picture Folders” panel showing up disabled when opened. If you haven’t already downloaded it, head over to Picture Switcher’s product page and grab it. If anyone is still having issues with Picture Switcher, please do contact me! I can’t fix bugs if I don’t know they exist.

In more personal news, yesterday (Sunday) was my birthday. I couldn’t have asked for a better present than the success of this release. I want to thank everyone out there – you all rock. I hope y’all had as great a day as I did. :)

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