Hello, and welcome to my blog. I’m supposing you want to know a bit about me, since you’ve loaded this page. To tell the truth, I’m always at a loss on what people really want to know but I’ll take a shot at it here.

My name is Michael A. Nickerson, though I tend to go by Darkshadow online. I got that name from a dream I had some years ago. Instead of just stating my age, I’ll tell ya my birthday is in September and I was born in 1977.

I’m a quiet person by nature. I really only say something if I actually have something to add to a conversation, otherwise I’m quite fine listening to what everyone else is saying. I suppose I’m a good listener. :smiley2_tb: That’s not to say that I never talk, o’ course. When it comes to writing, though, I get a bit more chatty. Chatty sometimes isn’t the word for it. And, as the title of my blog infers, I tend to ramble on when I write. I’ll try to keep that to a minimum here, but I’m sure you’ll see enough of it if you keep up with my posts.

I’m into a variety things, but my favorite is writing code. Doesn’t really matter what it is – for web sites, programming code, simple little scripts, I love it all. Which is a good thing. I’m sure most of y’all have gotten here from the main part of my website. If not, feel free to browse around.

Well, hopefully you’ve gotten some answers to your questions. If not, feel free to email me and let me know what else you wish to know. So long as it’s not something totally inappropriate, I’ll add it in here.